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Rich enough

Nobody is rich enough to lose a friend like you. I hope that I can wish you happy birthday many more times after today.

Worry about tomorrow

Stop thinking about yesterday when you were younger and start worrying about tomorrow


The older you get the more surprises you experience in your life.

The miracle

Every year on this day we remember the miracle that was your birth, happy birthday

The secret

The secret to stay young is a honest life, eat slow and above all else always lie about your age.

Ten years between 35 and 40

The ten years between 35 and 40 are the most fantastic years in a woman’s life.

Your getting old

Today I found a fossil and somehow your name came to mind.

Hilarious birthday message

A happy birthday to a person who in dog years would already be dead.


We express our condolences to you on this day!

Life well spent

The life given us by nature is short, but the memory of a life well spent is eternal.

Romantic birthday wish

To the world, you may be one person,
But to me, you are the world.
Happy Birthday!

Someone special was born

This is the most important day for me, because it reminds me of the day you were born and came into my life to make it wonderful. Happy birthday.

A proud father

You have always been so special in all the things you have said and done. I am very proud of you simply because you are my son.

Every candle on your cake

I wish that every candle on your cake turns into a wish coming true.

Wishes and dreams

I hope all your birthday wishes and dreams come true.


Birthdays are fun! Delicious cake ....piles of gifts ....a house full of visitors ....beautiful garlands and balloons ....mountains of post....happy birthday and enjoy!

Worry about tomorrow

Don't worry about tomorrow. Today is your day. Forget all those concerns and do everything that's not allowed. Let youself be spoiled for a day you have earned it.

Grow old vs staying young

It's better to grow old well than to stay young forever.

A day filled with ....

I wish you a day filled with .. . laughter, love and alot of fun times. Happy birthday to you!

The whole year

I think about you the whole year ...but on your birthday even more! Congratulations!

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